Pack 25 New Leader Start-Up Kit

Follow these steps to becoming a leader.  Total time in start-up averages 3+ hours.  A little investment of your team, produces wonderful Scouting rewards.  To get started:

  1. Connect.  Meet with the Pack Committee Chair and/or Cub Master to discuss how you can help.
  2. Apply.  Complete a BSA Adult Application
  3. Training.  Complete the BSA YPT: Youth Protection Training (you will need to create an account on
  4. Submit.  Turn in your completed Adult Application and YPT certificate to the Pack Committee Chair.
  5. Training Round 2.  While your paperwork is processed, go back to your MyScouting profile and go through “Position Specific” training.
  6. Get your gear on! Go to ScoutStuff, the Council Shop at Camp Stambaugh. or Outdoor Recreational Equipment to grab your uniform
  7. Be Akela.  Get ready to lead boys and parents in having “fun with a purpose!”