Dens are groups of boys of the same rank.

A Pack is a group of Dens across many ranks.

Ranks correlate to a Scout’s school grade:

  • Lions, Kindergarten
  • Tigers, grade 1
  • Wolves, grade 2
  • Bears, grade 3
  • Webelos, grades 4 & 5

Dens are led by Den Leaders.  Den Leaders report to the Cub Master.

Akela (Ah-KAY-la) is a title of respect used in Cub Scouting—any good leader is Akela, which is also the leader and guide for Cub Scouts on the advancement trail.

Cub Scouting structure was based of the premise of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.  And, Akela is a symbol of wisdom, authority, and leadership and means “good leader”.